Investor Carrot Websites Review: Conflict of interest?

Investor carrot reviews online praise their cookie-cutter real estate investor websites – but most are affiliates of Carrot real estate and get paid to do so. Let’s take a deep dive into the unbiased & technical review of Investor carrot websites, and why your REI business can not achieve the coveted first-page if you’re using Carrot’s website builders.


What is Carrot Real Estate?

Established almost two decades ago, Carrot is one of the major real estate wholesaling websites providers, enabling real estate investors & agents to quickly launch an online presence by using their ready-made real estate investor website templates. Investor carrot pricing seems to match their level of quality, which is to say that a few hundreds bucks a month will get you one or more shoddy looking websites (which is by design, as they claim that it improves your lead generation conversion rate).

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Although a ‘cookie-cutter’ strategy is usually frowned upon by Google, we noticed that many of their clients were ranking high on the first page (sometimes overthrowing established multinational behemoths that have large SEO budgets behind them), by virtually having the same identical site structure and keyword targets throughout multiple web properties.

Before we jump into the detailed analysis report, let’s summarize some key points about the pros and cons of their existing strategy.


Investor Carrot Main Benefit

investorcarrot websites benefits

Proximity and local relevancy

Most of the high search rankings come from an overly optimized local SEO strategy, targeting specific areas with buyer intent keywords. When localized, these high-competition high-demand keywords will be treated as separate search queries by Google, thus making way for more locally relevant results to show up higher (and most of the time they’re categorized as “local pack keywords” since there will be Google My Business map results on the first page).

This is an efficient local SEO targeting strategy commonly referred to as “city pages” (targeting “buyer keyword + location”), however it raises the issue of being seen as “doorway pages” if not implemented correctly.


Carrot Websites Main Drawback

carrot websites cons

Investor Carrot websites utilize the same templates, the same website structure and quite similar topic & content development throughout most of their properties. This can actually result in a lower conversion rate, since prospective customers (homeowners looking to sell their houses) will effectively stumble upon the same shoddy looking websites from multiple businesses in their local area.

And if that wasn’t enough, it’s virtually impossible for newer Carrot lead generation websites to break into the first page, considering that only the largest (and biggest spenders) of Carrot’s customers can achieve that. Most of the smaller Investor Carrot websites will be missing out on hundreds of potential homeowners in their immediate area that are looking to sell their homes.

This is by default a design flaw from Carrot company, since they’re effectively pitching their customers against-each other in search engine rankings with the same targets. From an SEO strategy perspective, it’s an inherent conflict of interest (like a lawyer working for both sides in a case).


At Outrank.Website, we recognize the importance of an exclusivity agreement to protect our clients’ interests. That means that when we sign a contract together, the client obtains exclusive rights for their target market, ensuring that no conflict of interest arises in the future. Even if a competitor approaches us — we respectfully decline.

Learn more about our hyper targeted, result-driven Real Estate lead generation campaigns with our dedicated SEO Services for REI.


With that being said, let’s jump into our in-depth, data-driven SEO performance analysis of Investor Carrot REI websites.

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