S.E.O. Performance Audit

Why An SEO Audit Is Key

The first step towards building a successful SEO strategy for your business, is understanding your current performance so far and any bottlenecks or shortcomings that might be preventing you from achieving the highest ranking positions. Simply put, if your website is currently lacking in one or more areas compared to your competition, Google WILL favor them instead of your business.

Search engines will evaluate 200+ factors when ranking your website, so we need to understand how your website performs in the eyes of a crawling spider. That entails fully parsing the contents of your website and running a sitewide page-level analysis in terms of technical performance, UX & user behavior and multiple other ranking factors that can make or break your SEO strategy. After we’re done with the technical part, we will assess your content strategy and how well it answers your target market’s search queries, with thorough topic research and keyword data analysis to further improve your strategy.

Once we’re done with your on-site SEO, we go through your off-site presence and analyze all incoming links based on multiple factors to create a detailed picture of your current brand distribution and how it affects your SEO performance so far. The last step in this process is to perform a deep dive analysis into your most successful competitors, and reverse-engineer their SEO strategy, so that we can outrank their search positions.

What You Will Get


On-Page SEO Report

An extensive analysis of over 100 factors that search engines use to evaluate your website and actionable suggestions on how to fix any issues.


Off-Page SEO Report

Full assessment of your backlinks profile to ensure that your brand name is only associated with reliable and trustworthy websites.


Market Research Report

Learn what your competition is doing right and successfully overcome their rankings with our thorough market research report.

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1. On-Page SEO Analysis

A complete overview of your current SEO performance based on 100+ on-page SEO factors and detailing real, actionable suggestions to improve your search presence referring to the latest search quality guidelines from Google.

1.1 - Technical:

– Technology architecture overview
– Site structure & hierarchy
– Page loading speed
– Mobile compatibility
– Domain variations (WWW/Non-WWW, HTTP/HTTPS)
– Page factors (Meta, Title, Canonical/Hreflang implementation, Robots.txt, Sitemap, Redirects, Broken attachments, URL size etc)
– Structured data implementation
– Interlinking & broken links
– Outgoing links

1.2 - Content:

Evaluation of currently ranking pages and search queries within your customer funnel, identification of target keywords and content gaps based on thorough topic research.

– Topic research
– Keyword analysis & identification
– Topic development & main content points
– Content gaps
– Keyword cannibalization
– Thin content pages

…and much more!

Backlink Evaluation Criteria:

Backlink Profile Diversity

Type of link, geolocation and IPs, anchor analysis, link placement etc.

Linking Property Authority

Multiple external authority ranking factors from third-party tools and private databases (DA/PA/TF/CF etc).

Link Relevancy

Analyzing the adjourning niche content to ensure full relevancy.

2. Off-Page SEO Audit

Get the full picture through our off-site presence analysis, with historical data outlined to ascertain a relevant and authoritative linking profile.

We will evaluate the authority, trustworthiness, relevancy and diversity of your incoming backlinks based on multiple factors, then advise you on any necessary improvements.

Off-site SEO is often a major roadblock for small and middle-sized SEO agencies because of limited prior experience in campaign management, however at Outrank we’ve seen firsthand how Google’s evaluation of backlinks has shifted over the years, and how to best achieve optimal results by leveraging the power of links.

3. Market Research

Comprehensive market analysis, including competition analysis (5 main competitors) and historical ranking data for your target search terms.

Bonus Section

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3 Buyer Intent Keywords

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5 Industry Link Opportunities
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Overview Call

60-90 minutes call to go over the reports, provide suggestions and answer any questions that you might have.

We will analyze up to 1000 pages on your website so we can provide in-depth suggestions to improve your performance. However, we will focus on 5 core pages that will help your business the most.
It’s a collection of premium SEO platforms (Ahrefs, SEMRush, Mangools etc) and our own established in-house operations.
We don’t need access to your server/website back-end. However, to get the most accurate data straight from the source, we need to have access to your Google Search Console and Bing Webmasters dashboard (if implemented).
Depending on the size of the website and the competition, it takes 30 working hours and upwards to complete a thorough examination of your SEO strategy and detail personalized suggestions to improve your performance.

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